Friday, August 7, 2009

Tesla Roadster -gaining steadily, finally profits!

The reports are in, the Tesla Motors company has finally turned a profit, the first time since it's creation in 2002.

This is great news for those eager to switch from gas-guzzling vehicles to something cleaner and self-sustaining. I like the Prius, but honestly, that car is not sexy in any way other than it's efficiency. I've always liked big, flat wide cars...and the day they put a hydro-electric powertrain into a BMW M3...well...sign ME up!

With that Obama money helping this fledgling company along, they better have survived; they have a lot riding on their success. Especially if Obama’s 10 year plan to pull out of Middle East Oil is to be realized. Now, if they could bring this tech to the 30-45k vehicle market, I might be able to contribute to this endeavor! Outside of George Clooney, what average Joe can afford these?

Obviously, not everyone is so happy at this company's becoming successful. Those Right-Winging cretins are fighting tooth and nail because their old money was paved with OIL and they are neither smart, young[i.e. willing], or idealist enough to reinvest their coffers into Hydro-electric vehicles!

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Brian said...

Re the "Pickens Plan", I looked into that a bit. T.Boone is Owner or CEO of BP Capital, and may be somewhat entrenched by oil interests. Recommending natural gas helps reduce America's dependence on FOREIGN oil, and trades it for dependence on DOMESTIC natural gas. The dependence is the same !! Fossil fuel emissions are nearly the same. As an American, I hope others and I want and pursue "on-board" technologies, hydrogen, algae, other technologies to make transportation independent of the need to refuel. Please check out my blog on zero point energy, at