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Total War: Empire -Sound fix here!

For some, here is a fix for a chronic and widespread sound issue . This was the only solution that saved me..during the initial buggy release of a game I've been waiting for, for a year now.
That's right folks, finish up that last quest in ROME, throw down those last few barbarians in MEDIEVAL II.... you have a new game for the next 3 years... Total War: EMPIRE!
The game is BEAUTIFUL, and immensely engrossing. The puff of smoke that sporadically pops out of muskets and cannon are amazingly realistic, the cannon ball realistically blasts through doomed troops, bounces on the ground, then crashes into a nearby house, taking out half the wall and caving in the roof! Awesome..

Let me tell you, you better have a decent system too, I can play CRYSIS on my pc relatively well, but, this one kills my frame rate on any Ship Skirmish involving more than 2 sure looks like a pretty slide show of Naval Combat though!

BTW-oh yeah, here the sweet fix for any sound issues that you may be having. Not sure if it solves all of them, but this one seems to fix numerous people's issues online.. until the next patch hopefully clears it up. As of this date, the newest patch is only MARCH 30.
Good luck., and stay tuned for my little review once I get a tolerable frame rate and working game!
This FIX is for people who are having problems with The Sound cutting in and out of: - Intro Video - Road To Independence videos - SEGA Intro...

Okay so I tried all the suggested fixes that people have given on the forums. None worked. I even tried to edit my bios to fix the problem. I found the solution by my own experiences. TO FIX THE SOUND BUG DO THE FOLLOWING: * MUST HAVE Left 4 Dead Game OR Get The FREE Left 4 Dead Demo

1. Go To Program Files
2. Go To STEAM Folder
3. Go To STEAM Apps
4. Go To Common
5. Go To Empire Total War
6. COPY the file Binkw32.dl and store it in a backup folder on your desktop
7. GO BACK one Folder (Before Step 5)
8. Go To Left 4 Dead (Demo)
9. Go To bin
10. COPY the file binkw32.dll
11. Go Back To Empire Total War folder
12. DELETE or OVERRIDE the file binkw32.dll
13. NOW PASTE the file binkw32.dll
14. THAT'S IT! GO back to the game... it should work. I hope it works for you. Let me know. Cause of BUG: Problem with the latest version of BINK Video Codecs

UPDATE 9/2011: An update patch has been released for this game. Before you try any of the fixes mentioned in this article, update your game to the latest build and check if the problems are fixed. If you are using the pirated version, a cracked patch has been released by RazorDox – read all about it here.
Note that you may encounter none, some or all of the problems mentioned below – user experience seem to vary from each installation. Also, not that some of these problems may exist in the legitimate version of the game as well. We cannot guarantee that the fixes mentioned in the article will solve all your problems – sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t.
Sound issues, missing sounds and other audio related problems
Problem: Missing sound effects. You may encounter missing or no sound effects with Empire : Total War. For example, when you give the command for a unit to march, you may not hear the corresponding sound effect. Some have reported missing sounds from horses, swords, cannons, etc as well.
UPDATE 8/03 (Working Solution): Search TPB for "etw_sounds_sfx.pack", download it and replace the sounds_sfx.pack file in the game's installation folder.
Solution 1 (Untested): Note that I have not tested this solution myself. Backup all replaced files before testing his method.

  1. Download the Empire : Total War Demo and install it (It’s a free Steam download).
  2. In the Demo installation directory, locate the file demo3.pack. Rename the file to sounds_sfx.pack
  3. Browse to the installation directory of the full game (not the demo). Replace the sounds_sfx.pack file located in the full install dir using the renamed filed created at step 2.
  4. Run the game
Solution 2 (New/Updated) : Download the “Empire: Total War sound fix for all releases” which can be found on public BitTorrent trackers.
Problem: Missing voice acting and missing/skipping advisor messages
Solution: See solution 2 for Missing sound effects problem (above)


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Update: This was an OLD fix, for the older version of the game, when it first came out. A recent commenter stated it no longer works-therefore-I would check on the games newest forums to see if there is a newer fix for you. -of course-make sure you patch the game!