Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted!

I stumbled along this article, and believe it to be a must-read for ANYONE whom plays games more than just casually, or knows anyone whom they have ever called 'addicted' to their video games.

There is a disturbing amount of truth evident here, in the psychological tried-and-true methods to which game designers strive for ever more profitable game designs. For some, reading this i'm sure will be an enlightening, if not shocking, experience. For others, it will merely put words to what they may already know about themselves. The dark secrets of why they play the games they love.

I am one of them.

Please check out this humorous but cautionary tale on the funny site: HERE

-An excerpt:
"Why is your mom obsessively harvesting her crops in Farmville? Because they wither and rot if she doesn't. In Ultima Online, your house or castle would start to decay if you didn't return to it regularly. In Animal Crossing, the town grows over with weeds and your virtual house becomes infested with cockroaches if you don't log in often enough. It's the crown jewel of game programming douchebaggery--keep the player clicking and clicking and clicking just to avoid losing the stuff they worked so hard to get."

By: David Kravets of

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Go inside the Oregon Air National Guard's 142nd Fighter Wing at the Portland Air Base!

Well folks, I thought i'd submit a rare televised look into my 'other' part time F-15 Aircraft Mechanic for the Oregon Air National Guard here in Portland, Oregon.  This was a local news spot for our Oregonian paper and website.

It looks like the press stole a quick shot of me while I was working under the jet. Somebody told me they thought they saw me in the newspaper, after the story about our scrambled F-15's rushing w/full afterburners to Seattle to find out what that float plane was doing in restricted air-space during Obama's visit on Tuesday. THAT story [HERE] made national headlines, of course, but sadly... my aircraft repairing skills were probably viewed by....the editors at the Oregonian (and my mom!)!  ha ha

For the link to the OregonLive article that's worth a quick read click HERE.

For those of you fellow PC gamers, if you're jonesing for a sweet new update of an awesome Flight Sim with plenty of military Jets to curb your need for speed, check out the recently released Lock On Platinum. I highly recommend it, as it's brought to you by the same people who created the amazing DCS: BlackShark KA-50 helicopter simulator, with a equally comprehensive A-10 simulation in the works as we speak. Ooooh baby, I can't wait to fire off those virtual rounds in that jets horrendous AN/GAU-8a 30mm Avenger seven-barrel gatling gun!

Check me out ma, i'm famous!  (I'm at the 1:57sec mark in the video, bottom left dude under the plane)
'Inside the Oregon Air National Guard's 142nd Fighter Wing'

…I'm still waiting for my agent to call with those movie offers.…still nothin'?!?!?