Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Montana Trip - 2 Weeks away!

 Update- to see the pictures from the trip, check out the followup post HERE.
That is right folks, an honest-to-god vacation is now only 2 weeks away.

- Not just going back home to family in Minnesota, which I ALWAYS do [because I still love back home], but an actual different place, that I've never visited before. And yes, I am meeting some of my family there. My brother and his family, perhaps my sister will also make it, and some friends.

It will be in a town called Bozeman, where my brothers father-in-law has a summer Home/cabin/retreat. I look forward to peaceful, traffic-less silence...and tearing it up on some quads with my brother in the mud!
Lot's of worries come with vacations these days. For instance, (besides the long ride to get there with young kids) we still have not found a suitable vehicle for our growing family. My wife still totes the munchkins around in a ford focus.. yeaah. Not big enough. So we've been keeping our eye out on some decent Honda Odyssey's and Toyota Sienna's etc...but now my wife is having second thoughts about driving such 'unglamourous, frumpy rides' as she calls them. So we have expanded our search to he Pilot and any other decent SUV that has a third rear seat. We have literally a week to decide if we can buy one, or else we will be stuck wasting money on a rental...which could be used toward a down payment on one.
The other worry, is having some help in the baby-sitting department once we get there. My brother re-assured me that his parents-in-law would probably hang back a bit, and be ok with watching the kiddo's here and there....but I personally have a hard time worrying about that. After all, it's their vacation too... and i'm sure baby-sitting wasn't part of what they were looking forward too right? I just don't want to be stuck back at the cabin when everyone else is having fun, because either me or my wife would have to stay back... ugh...
But I am a worry wart sometimes, and i'm sure it will turn out just fine. I am really looking forward to it! How can you top 4th of July weekend in Montana!

Here's to Blue Sky, rugged mountains, clear water, peaceful silence....and COLD BEER.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Star Trek' kidding!

I have to say that i was looking forward to this flick, as everyone I overheard talking about it was raving about how much they liked it. I finally got a break from mommy and daddy land and took my wife on a much needed date to the local theater. Since she actually wanted to see this as well [instead of T4, dangit].

We both had a great time, as there were many things about this movie to like. Not only were the special effects, space battles and ship consoles as good or better than 'Star Wars' caliber, but the talent that they found to represent the early characters of that infamous crew were very well chosen.

I found very little to nit-pic, and I assure you, that is a rare thing indeed for something I really want to like.

I was astonished at how well the actor that played a young 'Bones' -chief medical officer McCoy, nailed the old actors quirks, sayings and temperament... my wife and I laughed out loud, as we realized that Mr. Shaun of the Dead himself (Simon Peg), had hilariously been introduced to the crew as a young, eccentric 'Scotty'.

-Spock did a great job, Uhura,Chekov, Mr. Sulu all, I am pleased to say, were competent actors and really did a great job at their characterizations of the older cast.

The story was great, the pace was fast and action packed..and there were even some nice twists and 'gee, that was interesting' parts to keep any die-hard, and newcomer fans alike, pleased.

I won't give anything else away, go and see it asap!