Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anti-"'Insensitive' Gamer" Ad Poster: Too Far-Too Sensitive-Anti-Constitutional!

I'm just adding my two-sense on this little sensitive subject of late. It combines an interesting mash of multiple hot-points: The PC Gamer Vs. Homosexual Gamer Vs. Free Speech.

There is a poster by the Ad Council targeting what they apparently assume all gamers to be- 'Closet, Anti-social, insensitive, homophobic nerds", attempting to dissuade online chatter from using the phrase "That's so Gay!" and other related so-called 'slurs'...The Ad is entitled “Think B4 You Speak”. [how ironic]

The poster is linked here on WIRED onlines site, where other much commenting is going on. Some interesting points of view there, to be sure.

The following is my response to that article, as well as some of the more narrow-minded of comments left on that page.

Caution- the following may contain free speech! Read at your own RISK! ;)
Arguing about personal opinions is like..well, asking a gay person to stop being 'gay'!
I've noticed the language trends while playing Left4Dead, as it is a necessarily mic heavy game. I've been in matches where 1 of your 4 buddies are running around like they are on speed/crack/whatever, spouting non-stop obscenity's at me and everyone else, then before we KICK them, they usually attempt a nice TK before they go. Point is, it is going to be everywhere, there is no ad-campaign that is going to fix that dude... If it pisses you off, like mentioned here, KICK them, MUTE them, or ..gasp, don't play in that MATCH/GAME/WHATEVER. There are thousands of other matches to reload; the "I can't enjoy my game experience" whine is ridiculous. That is literally the warning on a multi-player game, if you overly-sensitive ppl read, "Game Experience May Change During Online Play!" I’ve been offended before, I give it back to them, call them on it, if they get worse, I ask the admin to kick them, if it ruins my game, I leave! Vice-versa:I got kicked for saying ‘Bullshit’ in Battlefield 2142 while on a ‘pseudo-Christian server’ HAHA, before they kicked me, I questioned their values and merit in not allowing swear words in a game where people are sniping other guys heads, blowing each other up with grenades, and knifing each other in the back?? I was LoL’ing as they kicked me.
That was pretty gay.

You will never please everyone. Just try to make your teammates/co-workers happy is my motto! If you can’t, at least you have tried!

As far as I’m concerned, that poster threatens my right to free speech! It may not be ‘nice’ for everyone, but it is still my right.
I have a feeling that I am not alone in my point of view on this subject. For the record, I have NUMEROUS gay/lesbian friends, more than just a passing acquaintance, mind you, and I know for a fact that they wouldn't agree with Ad Campaigns such as that...

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