Friday, May 14, 2010

RollerCoaster Tycoon Movie on its way, Thanks Sony!

Ha Ha-this could be really great with a great script! Think: Bill Murray as the retired amusement park tycoon who’s spirits are down due to lack of interest and anything worthy to top his past creations. Enter- 3 kids and a dumbass parent (how bout Mr. Lumberg’s Gary Cole) to help spark his passion and resurrect an old abandoned amusement park on some coastal town. Shenanigans and site-gags ensue as Bill tries every wiley, low, and hilarious method to create rides that are barf-o-matically hilarious, every one worse than the last; and scrupulous sideshow contests and venders that attempt every dirty trick in the book to rob customer’s blind. +Plenty of 3-D CGI rides shots!!
It’s all in the script people!

I played the heck out of this game when I first began my PC-gaming roots. Glad to see all those 2-D pixels will be getting the HOLLYWOOD Treatment now! heh heh

Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to buy your new Home!

It is spring, the sun is peaking between the grey-blue clouds, and in-between sun showers, I feel it's brief warmth. I'm getting happy, and anxious, for we have finally decided to take the plunge and go for purchasing our first home.

It means a lot to us, both of our parents never purchased a home. My mother rented place to place since I could remember. I've probably lived in over 20 places growing up, and another 10 or so in the last decade, on my own, and with my family.  It has been an impossible dream since I was old enough to become bitter at moving so much. School to school, gaining a friend a year, losing them, starting over with a new one, losing them. People treat you like a temporary fixture in their classroom, other kids react to you like you just stepped off the plank from mars, either ignoring you, antagonizing you, or worse. All because you didn't have a nice big house to live in, for more than 2 years. Kids are cruel, and so is the credit building process, come to find out.

Both my wife and I have been unofficially 'building' a foundation for owning a home at least the last few years, but  with the recent perfect storm of low interest rates, plenty of available housing, and my unused VA loan collecting dust, it was time to get serious. Credit repair is a aggravating and counter-intuitive process. Literally, the more you read the FICO website forums, the better off you are, if you have any intention of keeping track of your credit, and/or plan on any major purchases. Start EARLY, building credit; and start saving for the myriad fees involved in closing costs, inspections, downpayments etc. That, and with a little good luck, and a fabulous friend/Realtor like my wife has, and you'll find your new home too.

I could write an entire post on what I have learned to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do, but that might put some of you to sleep. I would highly recommend visiting that forum for further help. It's free, and it is written by people like you and me of their trials, tribulations, victories and journeys to better credit. FICO Forum HERE

Fast forward through the last few months, and this weekend we are going to meet with the builders/sellers of our future home to sign papers. The process isn't over yet, closing won't come until the house is built in 4-5 months, but we will have fun in the interim with choosing colors, wood-types, appliances and the like.

It is all very surreal, coming this far to have a big beautiful home customized by us to call home. It's going to be a busy summer.

Here's a picture of the identical model of the home we are having built, for anyone curious!  Isn't it beautiful??!!