Thursday, December 31, 2009

1 in 5 Divorces blamed on Facebook!

Interesting article I caught regarding how facebook is affecting our current, modern social-networking:

From Tom's Hardware site-->
"Attention married people: watch what you do on social networks.

Divorce-Online recently conducted a study and discovered that Facebook was named in one out of five American divorce petitions this year alone. The most common reason is that spouses are conducting inappropriate sexual chats with Facebook friends. The study, consisting of 5,000 divorce papers, also revealed that MySpace, Twitter, and Bebo also contributed to marital deterioration.

"I had heard from my staff that there were a lot of people saying they had found out things about their partners on Facebook so I decided to see how prevalent it was," Mark Kennan told The Sun. "I was really surprised to see 20-percent of all the petitions containing references to Facebook."

Kennan, who headed the study, said that the inappropriate sexual chats were the most common reason for divorce. He also added that, after scanning the Divorce-Online database for the word "Facebook," he discovered 989 instances of the word in 5,000 petitions.

The Sun also reports that divorce lawyers openly admit to searching through Facebook and other social networking sites in order to dig up dirt on the "errant" spouse."

Obviously it is not Facebooks fault, strickly speaking, but just a sign of the times for how we interact and communicate with each other that is the notable story here.  I guess we have made the switch from cheating via phone calls or late night barroom triste's, to cheating via our personal internet portfolios.
But then again, being that Facebook originally began with the intention of student/teacher/student connections within america's colleges, it should'nt really be a surprise that the other national passtime of college students bleeds over to the rest of the user database that has signed on. Right?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

NORAD Santa Tracker 2009 here-->

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
It's that time of year again, to track Santa using our friendly neighborhood NORAD unit!


This is a fun site that I first discovered last year, there are many options to play with, including viewing santa's journey using google earth.. so, without further ado... -enjoy!

Loteria Navidad 2009 !

It's that time of year again, where those crazy spanish are rubbing there mittens together in hopes of becoming the next yearly millionaire! I believe it was yesterday that the final numbers went down?

Here is the link to the Spanish site:

The Spanish Christmas lottery, El Gordo or 'The Fat One', is the biggest lottery in the world and also one of the oldest, having started in 1812. While the first prize in 2005 was 'only' 3€ million, El Gordo has the biggest prize pool of any lottery in the world, last year totaling over two billion euros!

How the El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Works

The Spanish Christmas Lottery works differently to most lotteries in the world. Tickets are very expensive, but you don't have to buy the entire ticket. However, if you don't buy the whole thing, you can't get the whole winnings! Read more about how this works:

The Draw

El Gordo is drawn every December 22. The process is long (taking in excess of three hours) so you will likely see people sat by their radios for much of the day, waiting for the results.

For details of how the draw takes place, see this page:

Loteria del Niño

A second draw takes place on January 5. You will need to buy new tickets for this draw.

How Can I Play El Gordo?

Unlike with most lotteries, there are a number of ways of playing El Gordo, and some are very sociable. You don't need to be in Spain at Christmas time - tickets go on sale in the summer. Read more about How to Play El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy - R.I.P.

Yet another young talent cut off before fully realized. My wife and I both, are saddened by this news, as many are. It is a testament to ones character, and memory, that so many people are affected, literally, the entire globe is searching for news as to what was the cause.

There will be countless celeb-tabloid posturing, leaked autopsy reports and supposed 'experts' hypothesizing on there personal opinions of the results of her death. But, no doubt it will be related to her pre-existing heart condition, mixed with prescription drugs. It is sad. This seems to be the state of things in modern life.

I noted last night the ironic humor of one commercial touting one herbal remedy for curing X,Y,Z and making you feel GREAT! -with a small caption 'This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.'


The very next commercial was a lawyer speaking in a aggressive purposeful voice, "Have you been diagnosed with Tardive dyskinesia? Call us NOW so we can profit from your ill fate!"
Kind of makes you scratch your head doesn't it...

R.I. P. Brittany

Thursday, December 10, 2009

America’s Army 3 -A 10 second review -->

There has been some discussion on the merits of the Army’s free-to-play advertisement/game, America's Army 3. The recent report shows the cost to the Army’s budget was approximately 32.8 million over 8 years. MW2 cost 50 Million to make, Spore (I read) was probably over 80 million(?), Most AAA games have this high of budget it seems, these days.

Though I would rather they spend that money on a better military project, the Army isn't known for 'thriftiness' or 'well thought-out' projects as it is. So you get what your congress approves them to get. Don't like it, don't vote republican! Just sayin'!

The quick and dirty: The game AA3 is the sequel/update of sorts, to the project that began 8 years ago by the U.S. Army's recruitment think-tank. All versions I've played, have been buggy, but playable for the most part after they get ironed out. The first version was notorious for laggy server issues, making other players suddenly skid 10 feet over while trying to line up a bead on them, not to mention, your shots seemed to lag behind a half second from where they are lined up in your sight. AA3, same thing. They haven't changed it.

Most of the gameplay is essentially identical to previous versions, though they've altered the menu and planning screens a bit. Now you can ‘secure’ a downed enemy, so they can’t be revived by teammates [and vice-versa]. The engine seems to have the exact same models and animation but with better textures. Maybe a better sun flare etc...everything else is almost identical. For that, millions of dollars seems a dreadful flush down the toilet!

BUT-for some reason, i've spent an insane amount of time in the first version, and getting back into the 3rd, hoping for another update to fix things. My chief complaint is the same as what PC gamer said-it takes TOO long to switch weapons, bring up your 'nade launcher, toss a grenade or smoke, lay prone/stand up etc the time the animation gets done, your enemy has already jumped the wall, or shot you silly as you sloooowlly pullll yoouurrr pisstoll out.. It takes a lot of the adrenaline rush of real combat out of those interactions.

I would best describe AA3 series as a sortof capture the flag chess game, with brief and tense firefights.. It's slower pace and tension attract those of us that want a little more planning/strategy than just bunny-hopping aim-bot decimator's.

Check it out and see if you like it...after all, it IS free! The game has obvious marks of workmanship, detail, and has some fun maps to play in, and I thought the training missions were always fun and fairly realistic [I went to Air Force Basic, but the weapons training was spot on from what I experienced]. I just wish they were a little more diligent in getting out the bugs faster, perhaps even responding to player feedback? In this respect, it seems painfully just like every other gov’t project. Take a number…wait in line. You get what we give you.

My Score- 6.5/10 For bugginess/annoyance factors and unpolished state. Good graphics and environments, easy-to-understand and addictive gameplay.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Macho Skeet Video -It's Funny! -->

BWAA HA HA HA....... Something to lighten the holiday blues!

**For trivia's sake, the tank is an Austrian-built SK-105 Kürassier, a 1971-vintage light tank made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, equipped with the French AMX-13's oscillating turret.

As it's been used (or still is used) by Austria, Argentina, Bolivia, Botwsana, Brazil, Macedonia, Morocco, Paraguay and Tunisia, I wonder where the ad was shot. Maybe Argentina, as many publicity agencies like to work there because of the low costs. **

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climate-Gate Controversy- Biggest Conspiracy of our Time!?

I have to write about this subject, one of a few I am actually very passionate about. I couldn't help but notice FOX 'news' site stirring more left-wing pot by calling out the 'other' networks' [ABC, NBC, CNN etc] lack of coverage of a controversy regarding manipulated data in official Global Warming reports by British Climate Researchers. The controversy has been referred to as Climate-Gate. Here is an excerpt from the article, found HERE

Their statements point out the alarming absence of any televised news coverage of perhaps one of the biggest, and most important controversies of our time- the internet leak of emails in which scientists dismissed climate change skeptics, expressed concern about the lack of evidence to prove the threat of global warming and even made one reference to a plan to "hide the decline" in temperatures. Their only news reference is to, believe it or not, Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Yeah.. no kidding that article is HERE.

I love the Daily Show, and really respect Jon for telling it like it is, seemingly when every other 'real' news network has an angle, an agenda in their pocket. Even above his own politics, he puts his country first! For that I commend him.

My problem (among many) is this: FOX news, where is YOUR Television coverage on this major event!? Siting remarks from Lieberman of conservative ‘Heritage Foundation’ [think-tank is funny] fame is as telling of your revenue as it has always been. Hilariously enough, as noted in past episodes by Jon Stewart!

Random comment I agree with: "If any charges are brought up, it should be the scientists who deliberately lied so giant companies could make millions on a newly invented commodity; Carbon Credits. Its all free for the companies but they get to charge the public for the use. What a scam..."

My other problem: Why ARE all the consultants on FOX from conservative organizations with funded anti-global warming agendas from big business??? Anyone???

For a good realistic article about the issue --->Deadline LIVE

I will leave you with this, Jon said it best:
“Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh, the irony!”

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kylie Bisutti is your new Victoria Secret model!

On television tonight, Tuesday, December 1, at 10pm on CBS, you can watch the Biggest Loser; you might be able to find an episode of Law & Order playing somewhere; you can tune in the news to see a replay of the President's speech, or you can watch the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and just tell everyone you watched the President's speech. Heh Heh

For research purposes, I had to inquire on whom ultimately became the newest member of the Victoria Secret models team. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, but for those so inclined, i'll still include a few. :)

Age: 19   Hometown:Simi Valley, CA
Kylie is an adventure-seeking 19-year-old who likes to dive right in, whether she’s playing sports—or actually scuba diving. She took a big chance at age 16 when she traveled to Japan to try modeling. Now, the 5’10” beauty says her goal is to show young women how to be comfortable in their own skin. Her biggest secret? She likes to dance like a crazy person when she’s alone. Will those dance moves help her on the runway?

And, ahem, yeah....those other girls as well: