Sunday, April 24, 2011

Portal 2 Video Walkthroughs HERE! Stuck in Portal 2? Brains on the edge of melt-down?

 It's been a long time coming, I remember that fateful week too well - playing the first Portal feverishly until I beat the whole thing. It was so addictive, so simple, yet I was stuck for hours on 2-3 tricky levels If I remember correctly. But eventually, I did it! Such a unique and rewarding game playing experience.

Portal 2 finally came out, you can get it for PS3 and get a voucher code to unlock the PC version on Steam, so I'm told. That sounds like a good deal actually, considering the higher cost of PS3 games in general. Or if you have been using Valve's Steam application, it will be there of course for immediate download. [I Still don't know why people refuse to use Steam! - You can get some screaming deals on the 'special' tab there. And it's so nice to be able to re-download your games at any time, if your hard-drive crashes or simply from another pc!]

Valve is still one of the few good dev's out there. I'm sure when I get my hands on this, I will smile and marvel at the polished, clean graphics, the humor, and the way the game makes me feel like I just figured something tremendous out, that in all rights I shouldn't have been able to!

If you ARE stuck though, I found a really good site that contains a YouTube video for each and every level's  walk-through HERE. Good luck!

Where do ya think YOU'RE going?

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