Friday, December 24, 2010

NORAD Santa Tracker 2010 Here! -->

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
It's that time of year again, to track Santa using our friendly neighborhood NORAD unit!

That's right kiddies, Santa Tracker is up and running now that Santa is out delivering his presents. You can download the Santa Tracker file for Google Earth while at NORAD’s Santa Tracker website and track him on your own. As of 2:45 pm Pacific it looks like he is currently over Berlin, Germany, but he moves fast!
This is a fun site that I first discovered back in the 08' year, there are many options to play with, as I mentioned-like viewing Santa’s journey using Google Earth.
So, without further ado...-enjoy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chatroulette! The world officially gets weird!

I just now discovered what all the commotion regarding the viral website, is all about. This site apparently was the #1 most searched for inquiry on Google for the entire year 2010!  And Holy Cow...the world has gone one step closer to crazy.

 That's right, for those that haven't been there yet, you login, use your webcam to start a total random chat with anyone in the known [internet] connected world!  Que :/ silly,shocking, political, amusing, LOL, degenerate, depraved, socially unacceptable, hilarious, weird, disturbing webchat's that are sure to provide hours of reluctant enjoyment!

Feast your eyes on a few of these 'best of' stills I recently discovered!  You'll see what I mean! I dare check this out??  Like opening a gigantic can of worms methinks....

 Here's Paris for starters, with an envious stranger in the states...

LOL - total randomness...


Ya..might be worth checking out...
Hope you all enjoy, Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm SO spoiled!!

Yes, it's my birthday, and YES I AM spoiled!

I have a beautiful new home, I have a beautiful wife, who's given me 2 beautiful boys we both adore...and one on the way!  heh....heh...

Last Sunday we found a PERFECT and HUGE Christmas tree, from our favorite tree farm now just up the windy road from our house. Had some nice apple cider after cutting down that mammoth beast! The boys had lots of fun trampling around the hillside full of trees.

As soon as I get off work we hope to go out my Fav German Restaurant Gustav's, for some awesome atmosphere and some fine German Bier.

Continuing this spoiled-ness, Fred Myer has had a nice sale last weekend, and we found a new, freshly arrived shipment of the new Nintendo Wii bundle there, the RED Super Mario Bros. one!  YEAH!, with a nice discount off with a sale coupon to boot!  My wife and I couldn't wait to dig into that game, we tried the Wii sports and Mario the other night, and WOW, what a quality piece of Hardware, and fun fun game! Instantly brought back all kinds of nostalgia.

Just last week, I found a decent lightning deal on amazon for a PS3 bundle, which had a couple games that will be great for gifts for the kids, and a credit for me to get....hmm, either Gran Turismo 5, or a couple cool games...haven't decided yet!

We used the Fred Meyer sale to get my step daughter the new, hard-to-find Nintendo Dsi XL/Mario Kart bundle! yeah...that's right, 3 gaming systems in 2 weeks..!!  Like my wife said, I think we just opened up a whole can of worms...for in spite of my every growing library of epic PC games, now there are HUNDREDS other new games I/we/kids will want!  It's gonna be a gamer-tastic Christmas around my house this year, to be sure!

Can a guy get any luckier? I submit that they can NOT!  :)   It has been a good year.
 Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet new Wii Bundle! 25th Anniversary 'New' Super Mario Bros.Edition!

Here it is folks! I've decided it IS now THE time to stop holding off on purchasing that Wii for those kiddos, If you are as nostalgic as I about playing the good ol’ Mario games of yore, you might wanna check this new Bundle out.
Here we have a bright RED and shiny new 25th Anniversary (Of Mario Bros.) Wii bundle, but this one has both controllers, the nunchuk and the main remote, which is the upgraded remote with the new Wii motion technology [Remote Plus]. Of course, it wouldn’t be a 25th anniversary Mario party without a complimentary game from the extensive Mario world, so…that ‘s what they give you. The NEW Super Mario Bros. game, in addition to the standard Wii Sports package! All for the same price as the standard package! Not to shabby!

I’m seriously talking to the wife about this one….the kids would love it, but so would WE. I was just gazing upon all those old Mario Games with fond memories of my youth, and wishing I could go back and play them all over again…It looks like Nintendo is now giving us the chance to do just that! I’ve played all of the old NES and Super NES games, up until Nintendo 64, which I never ended up getting. Around this time, I was becoming a…, and had responsibilities I had to tend to.

If we do get it, there is another Mario game I’ve noticed getting rave reviews-I’ve seen video of the Super Mario Galaxy, and sequel (2), and they both look really amazing.

Though, I’m still loaded up on my PC games, and we’re STILL planning on getting the PS3 soon [GT5 here I come!]…but, might have to delay those a bit….I need to dig in my pockets and see what kind of change I can muster up here…
Gran Turismo 5
Oh yes, GT5, I WILL have you soon...