Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Go the F*ck to Sleep!" Childrens Book read by Samuel L. Jackson. Hilarious!

For everyone here whom endures the nightly ritual of getting your kids to bed-I offer you this book-read by the ever enigmatic Mr. Samual Jackson of course! (warning-may induce involuntary peeing in pants)

TNBBC Presents the book trailer (which in essence is the entire book) for Go the F*ck to Sleep. Narrated by the ultra-talented Samuel L. Jackson. Written by Adam Mansbach. To see his audiobook review - visit the blog To learn more about the book, visit Akashic Books website -
Go the F**k to Sleep 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 New Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Screenshots Released! Beautiful!

This game is gonna rock your socks off, I don't care who you are. You will be playing this for the next 5 years, just like the ones before it. The modding community will continue tinkering with this baby like it's their ol' beloved 69' Camaro.

Bethesda has been generous with their E3 unveiling of the new upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, already being proclaimed the GOTY for 2011. They've given us 10 more breathtaking screens, unpolished in-game drool over. 5 more months!

Also, here's a good article on EscapistMagazine online regarding some nice new gameplay changes for Skyrim. Be relieved! They're all better!
For the hands on DEMO of the gameplay, with producer Todd Howard at E3-check out the G4TV page HERE.

The screens show us a close look at a dragon from Skyrim along with one of the game’s new and improved horses, also one nice touch is the bright blue eyes the enemy has in the second image.

If you check out all of the screens you can gain a lot of insight about the upcoming game, one of the pics shows a first-look at a Guardian Stone, what part these stones will play in the game is currently unknown but they look pretty intriguing.
Enjoy fans!

... it's so beautiful....