Thursday, August 6, 2009

Violent PC games again attacked by German government

I see a lot of serious video game news while surfing around the net.

The ruling government in Germany is once again, threatening to ban any and all violent video/PC games from being created and sold in their country. This after a new incident of violent youth killings. As long as the suicidal youth leaves a phrase relating to a PC game, or has any affiliation with a video game, types in a gaming websites' forum etc...its all over for the rest of us. The German politicians, very similar to our own, hone in on the correlation like, ahem..Zombies to brains!

Despite all factual evidence, despite numerous professional psychiatrists, doctors, theologists and intellectualist's debunking the common assumption that violent video games are at the foundation of these troubled youth's, money still pours into the coffers of the special interest groups agenda to rid the world of these allegedly dangerous 'Murder Simulators'.

Politicians of the world-violent acts have occurred in all facets of life, in all age groups [some more than others obviously], since the first man had to throw rocks and spears at the neighbors attempting to steal their women and food. A hobby isn't anymore to blame for the turn of a young minds complex behavior and decision making than reading a book is to Hannibal Lecter.

It is just disheartening, how short-sighted and self-serving some people become, taking advantage of a human behavior issue, turning it into a scapegoat to personal fame and fortune.

Now, Germany's own Crytek, master developers of Crysis and Far Cry series, may consider relocating to their Budapest offices, being chased out of their own Country.

Please do your part to oppose any of this nonsense anti-gaming legislation, when it falls on our voting ballets. Even if you don't necessarily like, or agree with violent games, you should take the high road and vote with your conscious. PC games, Video games are no more the problem than the multitude of already available [some for a century now] similar mediums- DVD's, movies, books, magazines and of course...the latest addition on the block: The internetz!

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