Sunday, January 27, 2008

Longest Piece of Synthetic DNA Yet

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...this is pretty crazy. Biofuels manufactured from E.Coli germs??? That would spell the end of middle east oil dependence as we know it wouldn’t it!? What will be the argument then? We could keep our 69 camaro’s into the next CENTURY! YEAH! I guess prices should eventually come back down to the $1.25 range again as well!

I love the bible thumpers too, they always spew out the dogma when this topic comes up. They always seem to miss the obvious point- Man has been creating and altering the environment since we were around, and that has never changed, or had much to do with believing in God. It is ok, that they drive to work in vehicles, and go to massive churches made of downed trees and concrete, but not ok to make products that [hopefully] should enhance our lives while we are here on earth….

Interesting indeed.

If you like this stuff, you HAVE to read Michael Crichton’s stuff: ‘Prey’, and ‘State of Fear’.. AWSOME reads.

State of Fear

<--- for some interesting stats and quotes from the 'State of Fear'.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Military Pay chart..for you fellow military ppl

Here it is, fresh off the press... not a terrible increase:

me: 4 years active duty Air Force + 7 years ANG. I am at a halfway point now. Don't know if i want to stick it out in the same career if i resign for another 6 years. If i do, i will then only need another 3 year turn to make a 20 year retirement.

I've been working on planes the whole time, kinda wish for a change. Either: Computers,Film, or maybe something i haven't thought about yet.

i have until August to decide what I will do.