Monday, December 15, 2008

Portland Winter is here!

Well the storm of the decade is here, in Portland, or so it seems!
last night, it was all I could do to avoid the pinball driving chaos that is portland, Oregon during its first snowfall. There are a few decent drivers out there, but most likely because they are, like me, transplants from other midwest areas.

Growing up in Minnesota, where i learned to drive my first winter in an ol' 79 Cutlass Supreme (affectionately called,'the TANK'), i learned a thing or two about what NOT to do, when the road becomes a white, compacted layer of glaze-like ice. So it is even more comedy for me, to watch the news casters speak of untold doom, when the first 1/2 of slush falls from the sky. Indeed, i can see why they react the way they do, it is not the snow, it is the lack of experience by the drivers in this state, whom are used to either rainy roads, or desert climate only.

It took me two hours to drive from Lake Oswego to my home in Hillsboro,about 30 miles, and without studded tires or chains, it was and adventure. I won't tell you of all the near misses,careening wipe outs, or over-zealous trucks [without sandbags] attempting to demonstrate their over-confidence to the rest of us. I have a Honda Prelude, and though it was a little squirrelly,with a little patience, and a gentle buffeting of the clutch, one is able to not break the traction and get going. It's just those intersections you have to watch out for.

So most business's and schools are closed today, not sure if the shoppers will be enticed to brave the roads to pack into the malls, but its a good day to relax and sip some hot chocolate by the fireplace. I have to work, of course, so that i may keep the power running in this frozen city, so have a nice little nap for me!

Here are some helpful links in the area, to monitor the conditions.

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