Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NIN concert Portland, OR 12-7-2008 set list

1. 999,9992. 1,000,0003. Letting You4. Discipline5. March of the Pigs6. Head Down7. The Frail8. The Wretched9. Closer10. Gave Up11. The Warning12. Vessel13. Ghosts 2114. Ghosts 2815. Ghosts 1916. Piggy17. The Greater Good18. Pinion19. Wish20. Survivalism21. The Big Come Down22. Ghosts 3123. Only24. The Hand That Feeds25. Head Like a Hole
26. Echoplex27. The Good Soldier28. God Given29. Hurt30. In This Twilight

what a great show, some old some new, really brought me back to the downward spiral show 13 years ago.... and he played the instrumental from 'fragile'...amazing
he played 'pinion'...then..'wish'.... that was %#&ggin' incredible to watch again.

it seemed to go by so fast, but as you can see from the comprehensive list above, he played a ton of material. my wife was just in awe of how close we got to ol' Trent [20 feet], she still gets star-struck sometimes-;)

The lighting arrangement was interesting, and more elaborate than most shows u will see this year. there was a electronic 'curtain' for lack of a official name, that occasionally would drop in front of the band, that displayed all manner of brain-bending digital art, soothing digital vistas, and pseudo-electronic replicas of Trent's image, pulled live from an on-stage camera. it was quite the tour de force. and i haven't felt such energy in the trench's, since the last Korn concert i went to many years ago. People were actually bouncing and moshing, and pushing each other, in gleeful exuberance. ...just like the old days.

I was just so amazed at how different he looked from 15 years ago, and even 9 years ago, but yet-somehow the same ol' Trent-fruitlessly attempting to purge his demons, which haven't seemed to let up, and still a lost and lonely guy it seems...[and man, did you guys see the guns on him?! -that dude must work out... ]

At least he has found a diversion to channel this turmoil, an artistic ability to vent via electronic man-made devices, into thundering drum patterns and chaotic noise rhythms. There are moments of genius in his craft, and moments of adolescence that seem to increasingly feel out of place, the older he gets. Trent makes me feel like: for all his piss and vinegar, to put an arm around him and tell him, "its gonna be ok, man..."

what an awesome show. hope to catch him again on the next one. And-hopefully by then, he will begin to find his peace. If this were to happen, as long as he doesn't loose his edge, a subtle shift in the music would still be meaningful and trendsetting, and still able to inspire a new generation of troubled souls.

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