Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2008- you guessed it!

You guessed it, i'm happy to report, that the main man is Mr. President-elect, Barack Obama.

Politics aside, I don't care what side of the partisan fence you are on, you have to admire this guy for at least one reason. I believe there are many reasons. With so much stacked up against him, it is a testament to his character, his virtue, and his integrity, that he could sweep aside most of the pundits, and emerge victorious.

I will not pretend to create a political essay here, i only pay attention to politics when i absolutely feel it is necessary [election season], but i just wanted to say here in my own little corner of the cyberspace world, that i am still proud of him. i am in-turn, proud of our country [those that voted for him] for the uncharacteristically [sometimes] wise decision we made. The future looks bright, and I can't wait to see where we as a country stand in 4 years, and how the worlds negative image of the U.S. hopefully becomes a distant memory.

Here's to a full year of 2009 for Mr. Obama. Good Luck, and Godspeed.

Link to 'TIME's" article on 'Person of the Year'

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