Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 2 days away! Snow, still here!

Wish I could get out of my house! Just kidding, but seriously, i haven't had this much snow fall all at once even while i grew up in Minnesota! when you combine a rainy area like portland, to a little bit of cold weather....buckle on your snowshoes..its gonna be a long month!

no kidding, there is like 2 feet of snow on the lawn furniture outside on our deck! this from about 2-4 days, off-and-on snowing. Big fat wet ones, little dry breezy ones, you name it, its all been here this week in the rarest of cold weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

Since i've been lucky enough to have a few days off before i work through the holidays, i have tried to just relax and enjoy the beautiful snow-lined tree's in the backyard. I also have been happy to spend time with the wifey and little one's. they are my pride and joy.

everyone here is anxious to open our presents, we've spent a little [too] much on them this year, so i think everyone is going to be a little spoiled.

here's hoping everything stays closed for a few more days eh!

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