Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving shopping Havoc! Black Friday Mayham!

well happy turkey day everyone!

lots of action at my house today, after i get home from graveshift...0600..(!) i will then have to immediately hit the sack and try to sleep through a house awaking with the commotion of 3 kids, an also-sleep-deprived wife, and her mother hustling to cook and finish the cleaning for the days later-festivities. I will probably get about 4 hours of sleep i am guessing. it was all i could do to get the holiday and black friday off, so that we may brave the shopping madness and hopefully score some sweet deals.

*btw ladies, i did help clean much of the last part of this week, lest u think i b cro-magnum man and make my wifey do everything....heh ;P

i am looking forward to relaxing a bit, drinking some nice wine, having some ham and turkey, and sweet 'tater pie! ....mmmmmmm....pie....

this will be a first, shopping this year on black friday, so we are going to arm ourselves accordingly. We have a double stroller for baby and toddler, equiped with an ample supply of snacks, diapers, toys, to (hopefully) curtail the inevitable tantrum throughout the business. we have a list of the family members and a rough idea of a budget to work with. i have my best gel-inlaid sneakers and probably will strap on a powerful set of elbow and knee pads. Hey! its a JUNGLE out there!

i will take no prisoners.

i fear for the worst, and expect that it will be bumper to bumper roads, and near-misses in the parking lots that day. good thing we have decent insurance!

"i said that was MY spot!"

a funny thing came up when i was thinking of what i wanted to get for my wife for x-mas. Exactly how would i spy something, get it in our cart, pay for it, and get it into our car without her noticing? i can't. So i think we will have to have two separate carts, i may have to force her to run away until i get something hidden amongst all the kiddy toys etc. or maybe i just jot the items down in a little notepad and when WE have gotten everything for everyone else, i have her check out and go through the cashier and to the car, then i run around like a mad chicken and speed shop my wifes gifts??

will that work do you think?? does anyone have a better idea?

i will leave it at that for now, did i mention yet that i luv the holidays?

-and just so i didn't completely waste your time reading excerpts from my personal life, here's a few links to get you on your way. i'm sure they will be happy i led you there. (my personal fav) (my fav local store) (for you Oregonian/Washingtonians) (if u really have to..ugh) (for that angle-grinding,circular sawing,super-sanding, Makita-drilling, Tim Allen-worshiping dude on your list)

-and last but not least! (the most important one for this holiday season methinks)


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