Monday, November 17, 2008

myspace layouts - I list them here! (with links)

I finally logged back into my myspace account, had to reply to a few emails, a very few..'cause no one loves me, and thought i'd get rid of the old transformers layout i had. omigod, that was so 2007 !
As it seems this is something people like to do quite frequently, i thought i'd be nice and do some legwork for you, and put them in a nice little list (with links!)-for your clicking pleasure... enjoy!


And if you need some helpful tips and advice, check this site out:

there, that should get you in the right direction....and just a personal recommendation, stay away from the BRITE WHITE layouts and templates....stumbling into those at 1am with all the lights out, will burn like lasers into your retina's!!

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