Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fallout 3 - Stop whining and just buy it!

It seems the new trend for every new gamer these days:
rush out to buy the latest big name/big money PC game hot off the press, spend 50 to 70 dollars doing this, then before the plastic has even a chance to cool, your off to amazon to write your disdainful little self-congratulating review of how bad the GAME sucks because of the latest copyright protection embedded in the software.

People- the reviews are for the game itself, the design and effort put forth by the programmers at the development studio. This is usually a completely separate building and department from the bean-counting lawyers that run the PUBLISHING company, IE. EA. If you want to bemoan and outrage against the latest version of copyright software [Securom etc] then fire up your browser and point it to EA Support and send them a not-so-friendly email. They are the ones ultimately responsible for these decisions, and should be the ones you aim your whining to.

And if you really feel like mentioning this in your game review, at least know what you are talking about. I love it when reviewers go off on a tirade, only to have gotten all their facts wrong, including what it does to your machine, the limitations of installing, and what version and type of embedded software it even is. Do your research before influencing and ruining a good title's Amazon ratings!! You are actually hurting the developer in the end, by writing such flagrant reviews. You mean well, and i know how frustrating it is dealing with EA in regards to installation issues and patching etc, but don't go barking up the wrong tree, and punish the people that worked hard MAKING this game for you.

....thank you.

**And for the rest of you that actually value your own opinions, go and get this game, it may not be how 40% of the whiners wanted it, but it has it's merits as a work of art, and an interactive diversion from the reality of these troubled times.**

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