Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton.... life imitates art...

I cannot even believe my favorite author has passed away ! This has been a week of good and bad news it seems...

only 66 years old, and to cancer, an ironic outcome for a Harvard graduated medical professional whom wrote,produced, and created 'E.R.', as well as numerous other medical and techno-orientated fictional novels, movies and T.V. series.

I have read 8 of his books, eagerly devoured each and every one as soon as they came out, since my late teens. It was then, that a girl in my french class had a book with a gigantic Dinosaur skeleton on it, and i asked her about it, and she told me, "It's like, so awesome, and scary..u have to read it..."

so i borrowed it from her, and i think after the second page i was hooked. i kept saying to myself..."holy cow, what is going on here....what was that thing..." and i kept turning pages ever since.

some haven't been as memorable as others, but they were all interesting in their own way. I especially loved 'Timeline', and 'Prey'... the former a wonderfully detailed what-if description of 14th Century feudal France life, and the latter, a mesmerizing suspenseful thrill-ride of what predatorily programmed nano-robotic particles are theoretically capable of. Very vivid, and very alarming.

There is one however, being his 3rd to last book it seems, "State of Fear" which i absolutely identify with. This is the one book i cannot help tell to anyone i hear within earshot of speaking of the woes of "global warming" or Climate catastrophe theorizing. It is a must read for BOTH parties in this debate. I cannot tell you how much of an eye opener this book was for me, and the tell-tale evidence of his warnings are obvious everywhere you turn. Especially the media, it seems every other month there is a new story- "Tonight, on the 10 O'clock News....What can you do to help stop the Global Warming trend?, stay tuned to find out!" I am reduced to muttering my disdain for a global profiteering trade, and shake my head at the sheer ignorance of the generally approved perception of our current state of....well, FEAR!

I admire those that stick their neck out for their beliefs, and for rocking the boat against the commonly held status quo. The world needs more rebellious AND brite individuals, artists and engineers, someone to steadfastly push back the common uninspired, undeserving, and over-payed nay-sayer's and protagonists.

From one lonely reader, i will miss Michael Crichton's push from that direction...

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