Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet new Wii Bundle! 25th Anniversary 'New' Super Mario Bros.Edition!

Here it is folks! I've decided it IS now THE time to stop holding off on purchasing that Wii for those kiddos, If you are as nostalgic as I about playing the good ol’ Mario games of yore, you might wanna check this new Bundle out.
Here we have a bright RED and shiny new 25th Anniversary (Of Mario Bros.) Wii bundle, but this one has both controllers, the nunchuk and the main remote, which is the upgraded remote with the new Wii motion technology [Remote Plus]. Of course, it wouldn’t be a 25th anniversary Mario party without a complimentary game from the extensive Mario world, so…that ‘s what they give you. The NEW Super Mario Bros. game, in addition to the standard Wii Sports package! All for the same price as the standard package! Not to shabby!

I’m seriously talking to the wife about this one….the kids would love it, but so would WE. I was just gazing upon all those old Mario Games with fond memories of my youth, and wishing I could go back and play them all over again…It looks like Nintendo is now giving us the chance to do just that! I’ve played all of the old NES and Super NES games, up until Nintendo 64, which I never ended up getting. Around this time, I was becoming a…, and had responsibilities I had to tend to.

If we do get it, there is another Mario game I’ve noticed getting rave reviews-I’ve seen video of the Super Mario Galaxy, and sequel (2), and they both look really amazing.

Though, I’m still loaded up on my PC games, and we’re STILL planning on getting the PS3 soon [GT5 here I come!]…but, might have to delay those a bit….I need to dig in my pockets and see what kind of change I can muster up here…
Gran Turismo 5
Oh yes, GT5, I WILL have you soon...

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