Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm SO spoiled!!

Yes, it's my birthday, and YES I AM spoiled!

I have a beautiful new home, I have a beautiful wife, who's given me 2 beautiful boys we both adore...and one on the way!  heh....heh...

Last Sunday we found a PERFECT and HUGE Christmas tree, from our favorite tree farm now just up the windy road from our house. Had some nice apple cider after cutting down that mammoth beast! The boys had lots of fun trampling around the hillside full of trees.

As soon as I get off work we hope to go out my Fav German Restaurant Gustav's, for some awesome atmosphere and some fine German Bier.

Continuing this spoiled-ness, Fred Myer has had a nice sale last weekend, and we found a new, freshly arrived shipment of the new Nintendo Wii bundle there, the RED Super Mario Bros. one!  YEAH!, with a nice discount off with a sale coupon to boot!  My wife and I couldn't wait to dig into that game, we tried the Wii sports and Mario the other night, and WOW, what a quality piece of Hardware, and fun fun game! Instantly brought back all kinds of nostalgia.

Just last week, I found a decent lightning deal on amazon for a PS3 bundle, which had a couple games that will be great for gifts for the kids, and a credit for me to get....hmm, either Gran Turismo 5, or a couple cool games...haven't decided yet!

We used the Fred Meyer sale to get my step daughter the new, hard-to-find Nintendo Dsi XL/Mario Kart bundle! yeah...that's right, 3 gaming systems in 2 weeks..!!  Like my wife said, I think we just opened up a whole can of worms...for in spite of my every growing library of epic PC games, now there are HUNDREDS other new games I/we/kids will want!  It's gonna be a gamer-tastic Christmas around my house this year, to be sure!

Can a guy get any luckier? I submit that they can NOT!  :)   It has been a good year.
 Happy Holidays everyone!


Slayer said...

Congratulations! Happy Birthay then.
Its good to see youre happy with your life. Thats the important.

Hope that youll enjoy the holidays so much (I think that you really deserve them)

mobias said...

Why Thanks man, that was a very kind thing to say, for a stranger half a world away! heh :) Hope you have a great Christmas(?) as well!