Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM ! My Prayers answered!

Oh yes indeed, there WILL be another Elder Scrolls game soon, say, 11/11/11.


Slayer said...

Man, that´s AMAZING!!!
i love the Elder Scrolls saga, and its great that we can enter in that great world. Do you know in which systems we´ll be able to play the game? Please tell me that it can be played in PS3!

Sorry if im not writing so well. i´m so happy, and i cant think so much in the grammar now!

mobias said...

Yep! PlayStation 3, Xbox360, and PC!
I hope that they design it for PC, then port it over, or have another separate team working on the port...so we don't get like Oblivion, which was a pc game built for ps3/Xbox etc., with it's huge cursors and giant clunky menu's etc. I'm just stoked they will be using an all new, redesigned game engine!