Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climate-Gate Controversy- Biggest Conspiracy of our Time!?

I have to write about this subject, one of a few I am actually very passionate about. I couldn't help but notice FOX 'news' site stirring more left-wing pot by calling out the 'other' networks' [ABC, NBC, CNN etc] lack of coverage of a controversy regarding manipulated data in official Global Warming reports by British Climate Researchers. The controversy has been referred to as Climate-Gate. Here is an excerpt from the article, found HERE

Their statements point out the alarming absence of any televised news coverage of perhaps one of the biggest, and most important controversies of our time- the internet leak of emails in which scientists dismissed climate change skeptics, expressed concern about the lack of evidence to prove the threat of global warming and even made one reference to a plan to "hide the decline" in temperatures. Their only news reference is to, believe it or not, Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Yeah.. no kidding that article is HERE.

I love the Daily Show, and really respect Jon for telling it like it is, seemingly when every other 'real' news network has an angle, an agenda in their pocket. Even above his own politics, he puts his country first! For that I commend him.

My problem (among many) is this: FOX news, where is YOUR Television coverage on this major event!? Siting remarks from Lieberman of conservative ‘Heritage Foundation’ [think-tank is funny] fame is as telling of your revenue as it has always been. Hilariously enough, as noted in past episodes by Jon Stewart!

Random comment I agree with: "If any charges are brought up, it should be the scientists who deliberately lied so giant companies could make millions on a newly invented commodity; Carbon Credits. Its all free for the companies but they get to charge the public for the use. What a scam..."

My other problem: Why ARE all the consultants on FOX from conservative organizations with funded anti-global warming agendas from big business??? Anyone???

For a good realistic article about the issue --->Deadline LIVE

I will leave you with this, Jon said it best:
“Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh, the irony!”

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