Thursday, December 31, 2009

1 in 5 Divorces blamed on Facebook!

Interesting article I caught regarding how facebook is affecting our current, modern social-networking:

From Tom's Hardware site-->
"Attention married people: watch what you do on social networks.

Divorce-Online recently conducted a study and discovered that Facebook was named in one out of five American divorce petitions this year alone. The most common reason is that spouses are conducting inappropriate sexual chats with Facebook friends. The study, consisting of 5,000 divorce papers, also revealed that MySpace, Twitter, and Bebo also contributed to marital deterioration.

"I had heard from my staff that there were a lot of people saying they had found out things about their partners on Facebook so I decided to see how prevalent it was," Mark Kennan told The Sun. "I was really surprised to see 20-percent of all the petitions containing references to Facebook."

Kennan, who headed the study, said that the inappropriate sexual chats were the most common reason for divorce. He also added that, after scanning the Divorce-Online database for the word "Facebook," he discovered 989 instances of the word in 5,000 petitions.

The Sun also reports that divorce lawyers openly admit to searching through Facebook and other social networking sites in order to dig up dirt on the "errant" spouse."

Obviously it is not Facebooks fault, strickly speaking, but just a sign of the times for how we interact and communicate with each other that is the notable story here.  I guess we have made the switch from cheating via phone calls or late night barroom triste's, to cheating via our personal internet portfolios.
But then again, being that Facebook originally began with the intention of student/teacher/student connections within america's colleges, it should'nt really be a surprise that the other national passtime of college students bleeds over to the rest of the user database that has signed on. Right?

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