Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy - R.I.P.

Yet another young talent cut off before fully realized. My wife and I both, are saddened by this news, as many are. It is a testament to ones character, and memory, that so many people are affected, literally, the entire globe is searching for news as to what was the cause.

There will be countless celeb-tabloid posturing, leaked autopsy reports and supposed 'experts' hypothesizing on there personal opinions of the results of her death. But, no doubt it will be related to her pre-existing heart condition, mixed with prescription drugs. It is sad. This seems to be the state of things in modern life.

I noted last night the ironic humor of one commercial touting one herbal remedy for curing X,Y,Z and making you feel GREAT! -with a small caption 'This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.'


The very next commercial was a lawyer speaking in a aggressive purposeful voice, "Have you been diagnosed with Tardive dyskinesia? Call us NOW so we can profit from your ill fate!"
Kind of makes you scratch your head doesn't it...

R.I. P. Brittany

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