Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl 43 Commercials -$3 Million for 30 seconds!

Regarding this years Super Bowl 43 Commercial Trivia:

Super Bowl XLIII will mark the first time that a 30-second commercial time slot will cost US $3 million. At September of 2008, NBC had sold all but ten of the in-game advertising spots, and could command higher fees for said last ten spots. Many traditional advertisers of the game, such as Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi-Cola, are buying multiple ads at discounted rates.

CHECK OUT the commercials HERE on google video

Two traditional advertisers, General Motors and FedEx, will pass on the game, citing the current economic crisis as their main reason. Doritos is reprising a contest for a fan-created ad run two years ago, but with a top prize of $1 million provided it wins the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter's number one position.

A trailer of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will debut during the Super Bowl, according to director Michael Bay, as well as G.I. Joe “The Rise Of Cobra” due out August 7, 2009. Paramount Pictures confirmed that a preview of the upcoming Star Trek film will also premiere during the game, it is unclear if new footage will be included or if it will just be a recut of the theatrical trailer.

One ad that has been announced will be a promo with SoBe, DreamWorks Animation, Intel and NBC which will feature a trailer of Monsters vs. Aliens and a SoBe lizards ad being done in 3-D, which was announced between games of the NFL Wild Card Saturday doubleheader January 3, 2009. The last time NBC did a 3-D promotion was the "Be-Bop-Bamboozled" halftime show for Super Bowl XXIII twenty years earlier. Hyundai will also be advertising their new Genesis Coupe in two 30-second commercials.

I may not be jock-enough to really get into football, for me, honestly, its about the commercials, and any excuse to drink Beer on a Sunday Afternoon!

Obviously, I am most STOKED about the news of the Transformers trailer! Everyone knew the sequel was coming, and I was wondering how much longer we would have to wait. Hopefully, this movie will NOT be a member of the "Sequels that Suck!" list, but rather, expand, invigorate, and astonish as much or more than its original film. Maybe the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson can teach Michael Bay a thing or two regarding this...

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