Thursday, February 26, 2009

PC games Vs. Life, a self-check.

So there is a GREAT article in Wired online today:
And while reading this, between the usual witty/funny/insanely dumb comments below, there was one that caught it sounded as if it were me writing it in. I will excerpt:

"For me it came down to figuring out why I always stayed up so late anyway. With a career, a wife and 3 small children it was so that I could get more free time at the end of the day. If I went to bed earlier, that was it, more work and responsibilities before any chance at leisure time. When my wife started going to the gym at 5am, I decided to try getting up with her and enjoying the quiet time and it made a huge difference! (XBox 360 experience is much better with rested eyes and fresh contacts too) Now I get tired around 10:30pm and I go to bed knowing that I'm going to have 2 hours or so to myself when I get up, so it's something to actually look forward to rather than dreading the normal morning rush. Then on the weekends when the kids wake up at 7:30, it still feels like I slept in.
Posted by: Jason Feb 26, 2009 7:37:07 AM"

I WoW/Fallout 3,Oblivion characters get more sleep than I do! what does THAT mean?

my reply:
"@ Jason-> dude!- of all these [some funny, some very dumb] comments, yours was an exact replica of what i'm going through. I stay up WAY too late, even though my rotating shifts sometimes force me to get up by 4:45am.. i know i'm dumb, but i fight it every night, and sit on my pc till i literally nod off..wife hates it. don't want to get up even EARLIER though just to jog...maybe i need to re-prioritize, but what do i do?"

I must learn to balance more...sleep/wife/family, is more important than games, makes you feel better, more energetic, which makes you more productive, be a super-star at work, which leads to better and higher paying jobs, which leads to-you got it, more time and money to go back and play those PC GAMES ! !.. see where i'm going with this??

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