Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CAUTION ZOMBIES AHEAD!!! HWY traffic signs hacked for my amusement!

I had a good laugh over this one...
More video from MSNBC HERE

from the news:
Pranks with electronic road signs stir worry
Latest breach came during morning rush hour near Collinsville, Illinois

updated 1 hour, 33 minutes ago
COLLINSVILLE, Illinois - Hackers are messing with electronic road signs in some U.S. states, warning of zombies and raptors down the road. Traffic safety officials aren't amused.
The latest breach came during Tuesday morning's rush hour near Collinsville, Illinois, east of St. Louis. That's where hackers changed a sign along southbound Interstate 255 to read, "DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES."
Similar pranks have been pulled in recent days near Indianapolis and in Austin, Texas.
The Illinois Department of Transportation's Joe Gasaway worries that such pranks distract drivers from legitimate hazards down the road, perhaps endangering road crews.
In Illinois, tampering with an official traffic control device is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $250 fine.

Indiana Highway Sign Hacked

CARMEL, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Hackers have struck another electronic highway sign - this time in central Indiana. The hackers got in to the sign in Carmel and changed it to warn drivers about dinosaurs on the road. This sign was hit just a few days after a highway road sign in Texas was hacked and changed to warn drivers about zombies.
So i'm not alone here....i'm not the only one with Zombies on the BRAIN.

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