Friday, December 21, 2007

Clinton and Anti-Scary Gaming legistlation:

i could not resist the urge to put my two-pennies in to this conversation: regarding Clintons ever-crusade toward "government parenting" ideology. Check it out, put your pennies in!

excerpt: (regarding San Andreas version 1 witch hunt)
"yeah, so i guess it is ok to yank a video game that was sold without the programmed access to this games dirty content, but leave all the other R-rated films containing extreme violence and ‘american’ nudity on the shelves right next to it…any one of which can also be modified to anyone’s desire via computers in any way desired by savvy pc users.-and without a access mod or code! Has Hilary ever read the[really researched] FEDERAL reports (see below link) that violence among young adults has actually gone DOWN drastically, even during the emergence of all of these ‘Scary’ games??"
The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) latest report:
[FTC Issues Report on Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children]:
Interesting Facts and Statistics regarding Games & Youth Violence:
Department of Justice report on Violence decline in Youths-last 12 year statistics:

verrrrry interesting.....

well i, being me, am obviously an advocate for freedom of expression, and anti-censorship. It is also my job to parent my children, not the governments. simple as that folks.
what do you think?

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