Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Military Pay chart..for you fellow military ppl

Here it is, fresh off the press... not a terrible increase:


me: 4 years active duty Air Force + 7 years ANG. I am at a halfway point now. Don't know if i want to stick it out in the same career if i resign for another 6 years. If i do, i will then only need another 3 year turn to make a 20 year retirement.

I've been working on planes the whole time, kinda wish for a change. Either: Computers,Film, or maybe something i haven't thought about yet.

i have until August to decide what I will do.

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NCCM USN(ret) said...

I should read more of the blog before I post but take it from someone who is now drawing his retirement check - STAY IN!