Wednesday, December 19, 2007

x-mas+capitalism=new pcgames!

so what do we all want this year? hmmm. i have company of heroes, there is that add-on...hmm, 2 new factions,campaigns and sweet new TANKS..yeah. Then there's still Bioshock, which actually runs on me ol' tyan mobo. let's see, Crysis, Medal of Honor Airborne, Call of Duty 4...

o wait, i told myself the short story that i would buy no more games whatsoever....until i build a new machine. So after that lie, maybe i'll go back to Team Fortress 2 [courtesy of orange box] and laugh at high pitched, squeeky nerd voice's chime in- "eh guys are eh, we gotta set the sentry's up in crossfire...GOSH..."

one-sided tirades about capitalism and materialism aside, i've heard both versions this year. Somehow I am caught in the middle. When you have kids, somehow you have to cater [submit?] to one, while ideally, hope that you may reserve some form of personal integrity in the hopes that by the time the children get older, you will have taught them the importance of NOT blowing all your hard earned money on plastics and soaps during X-mas. But, i challenge you all to.... create something... Yeah! with your own two hands even! I once color-penciled a birthday card for my wife, and it made her feel pretty special, which made me feel good too.

rambling mush after multi-sided tirade aside:
go buy a few things, go make a few things, save some of the cash for your savings, have some spiked eggnog and give yer mom a call.
Have a nice time next week.

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