Sunday, October 2, 2011

Politics Shmalitics! My list of things to debate that means something!

Politics Shmalitics! With all the mud-slinging, and electioneering going on, I thought I'd create my own list of debate subjects. Use this as a catalyst to stop that co-worker from launching into another soap-box jaw-flapping session with you when you only wish to go and retrieve the lunch you've been daydreaming about for the last 2 hours.

Just do this, as soon as you hear, " Do YOU think Obama's going to be re-elected? Do you think Ron Paul is too old to be president?" Just smile, enact your best befuddled look and scratch the back of your ear...then fire off one of these tokens of pure legitimate debate fodder! That's right, if you don't instantly get a more amusing dialog going with your foe, at least they may go away and leave you to your lunch! I guarantee it!

I enjoy debating many things, co-worker/friend name here!:

-PC gaming Vs. Console Gaming!

-Apocalypse Now! Original Director's version, Redux, or Theatrical version!

-Global Warming, and other such political/financial motivations.

-Boxed PC games, or Direct Download/Streaming

-Aliens or Avatar - Which is Cameron's most influential movie!

-The only religion worth anything, is Pastafarianism!

-The point of the FDA, ATF, & Dept. of Education?

-Metroid or Zelda - Which was the better adventure game?

-How corn is killing us.

-Our national obesity rate. etc. etc. etc.

-The merits of Nascar Racing!

How about you all? What do you like to debate with friends/family, co-workers?

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