Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Dead Redemption - for PC fans?

The trend continues...seeing now that the average age of video gamers is 35 years old (which has risen from last few years) we now see a correlation of the console market gaining massive share of the sales of games, with a relatively small percentage of us PC gamers still holding sway.  Is it that perhaps the older gamers get, the more lazy and couch-bound we become? I'm 33, yet I still haven't sprung for the ps3 or it's 60 dollar games. I'm a PC gamer, going on at least 20 years now, and i've had playstations and nintendos (where my age group started of course!), but the games on consoles IMO serve a purpose, but don't satisfy like the PC counterparts. This is immensely arguable, of course, and fiercely debated in countless forums and internet discussions.

Now, more and more of our favorite games are developed for the money making console market FIRST, then...maybe, if we are lucky, the dev/publishers might throw us a bone and port their masterpiece's of simplistic gameplay and limited depth to the PC, where invariably the result is a buggy, un-optimized mess of a game [looking at you GUN] that is basically abandoned shortly after release and rarely polished with patches. There's apparently just no money to motivate them anymore.

Now ordinarily, this never bothered me too much. After all, like I said, console games are usually simplistic quick casual games or action games that are high on explosions and mind-numbing time wasters, fun because you don't have to 'think' too much and therefore, yes, are fun in a casual sit-on-the-couch-after-the-kids-go-to-bed mode. But now there is a crossing over, a turning point, where once in-depth, strategic, or franchised FPS games are being stolen from the PC, published on console first...and worse, ONLY on console, leaving us longtime fans of a certain franchise scratching our heads, with money in hand, wondering why we don't get to share in the fun anymore. Yeah! There I said it!  Listen up EA, 2K games, UBISOFT! Even one of my favorite developers, Bethesda (Morrowind, Oblivion) spent their money on optimizing Oblivion and Fallout 3 for the @%$! [parden me, consolers] Xbox/Ps3 crowd first, then ported it over to the PC-where these games roots began. With InfinityWard/Activision's bastardization of the infamous Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the trend continues as the money rolls in.

So now we come to one of my other favorite developers, Rockstar, whom have a mostly outstanding track record of high-quality, highly addicting and fun games, releasing what appears to be a stellar new game -Red Dead Redemption, only on the consoles. Yes, I realize that the first in the series '..Revolver' was also a console-only game- that game was mostly a fun 2 player shoot-em up without a major story or single player story campaign. The sequel looks vastly superior, complete with hollywood quality writing, graphics, story and cut-scenes [a la GTA series], and therefore...I really want a chance to place this bad boy. Will I get the chance? Only time will tell.

Rockstar took a year to release GTA4 to PC, almost as long for Vice City and San Andreas. Currently, what Rockstar San Diego is reporting is they have no plans to release Red Dead Redemption for PC, but if that changes they will 'let us know'.

So for you Xbox/Ps3 owners who may enjoy this game- go ahead and 'let me know' how it is. I'll go back to my port of the still excellent Fallout 3 GOTY edition in the meantime.


Mike said...

Mobias you crafted a fine complaint there sir. I commend you on asking why the developers and gaming market in general is so focused on consoles vs. PC. However, I feel the need to inject my thoughts and see what it stirs up.

First, I am 30 years old and mostly a console gamer now. Why? Mainly because I can play any game created for my consoles without looking at system requirements. That is my #1 reason for staying console centric in my gaming. I still love to play Starcraft, Soldier of Fortune, Company of Heroes, etc. on my mid-level 3 year old PC, but it just doesn't hold the appeal it once did. When consoles started connecting to the internet and enabling multi-player just like the PC it all but closed the book on which method the masses would choose. Let's face it, having to upgrade your PC every 3 months was a hassle just to play the latest games. There is one area that console gaming is still severely handicapped in, Real-Time Strategy. Hand's down the PC is king. Starcraft II, Age of Empires, Total War series, and most Relic games are friggin awesome on PC.

Even with all of console gaming's faults and pitfalls I have been pleasantly surprised how much better games are getting. With the new mediums of Blu-ray and downloadable content I am practically drowning in gaming goodness. Not only that, These consoles are basically PCs under the hood. I can browse the web with my PS3, stream Netflix, connect to facebook and watch TV! (Hulu Plus). I have both a 360 and a PS3 and each has its strengths and fanboys.

As for Red Dead Redemption, in a word SPECTACULAR. That game is a landmark in open-world gaming. If there is an angle that I could use to entice you to the 360/PS3 arena it would be RDR. The detail, the guns, the story, etc. The whole package is stellar. If you bought a console today, RDR would be on the short list and maybe Mass Effect, or BioShock.

mobias said...

Good points back atcha there Sir.
I will no doubt get a ps3, once some other priorities get taken care of first...building this house, buying a nicer tv etc...;)

-all those things u mention about the ps3 I agree are worth every penny- it would most likely be my main blu-ray, until a better/3-d one comes along [which they now have]. But those are all great media plugs for consoles. They ARE better situated on the couach, no argument there but it's the style of gameplay that differs greatly. Because they are more like pc's these days, they now suffer the same symptoms [red ring of death?, firware updates??]...its mainly just the FPS thing i don't get...the control of up right..tap some more....THERE i have a cursor on that guys face!! o wait, he moved! It's just not the same as the immediate fidelity of a mouse. But I suppose consolers just learn to deal with it. It also doesn't help that, even with RDR, it doesn't look as good on ps3 vs. Xbox due to stretching the resolution. Ah well. When they once gave the PC version the velvet glove treatment, it ALWAYS was and could be superior! Now we just get the leftovers made for 720p, or worse, 640p...

good comments though!