Friday, May 14, 2010

RollerCoaster Tycoon Movie on its way, Thanks Sony!

Ha Ha-this could be really great with a great script! Think: Bill Murray as the retired amusement park tycoon who’s spirits are down due to lack of interest and anything worthy to top his past creations. Enter- 3 kids and a dumbass parent (how bout Mr. Lumberg’s Gary Cole) to help spark his passion and resurrect an old abandoned amusement park on some coastal town. Shenanigans and site-gags ensue as Bill tries every wiley, low, and hilarious method to create rides that are barf-o-matically hilarious, every one worse than the last; and scrupulous sideshow contests and venders that attempt every dirty trick in the book to rob customer’s blind. +Plenty of 3-D CGI rides shots!!
It’s all in the script people!

I played the heck out of this game when I first began my PC-gaming roots. Glad to see all those 2-D pixels will be getting the HOLLYWOOD Treatment now! heh heh


Mike said...

I don't know who came up with idea but sheesh they must be desperate for ideas. I remember building amazing parks in RCT. Even built a coaster with a loop underground! Not a fan of the 3-d versions tho.

mobias said...

Totally-what a simple, yet complex and fun game. I remember going on souvenir shop spending sprees-trying in vain to create one last couple hundred dollars within that last half-month, just to beat the mission! And the joy in barely winning it, so you could play the next!
-The 3-d version wasn't that different- it was really cool being able to 'ride' in your created rides, FPS styple, as well as all the other cool rides like the Go-Carts or Mining Coasters!