Sunday, July 26, 2009

Terminator Salvation ROCKS

I was hesitant at what to expect, after the embarrassing Terminator 3 got knocked off the integrity list of this once-significant Sci-Fi series. I hadn't really heard anyone at work talking about it, no one I knew seemed to care about watching it, but the commercials seemed pretty good for visuals, and I had loved T2, as a teenager, when it stormed it's way through summer blockbusterland almost 18 years ago...[whoa] -and so I got my wife to watch this new one with me.

"Sweeeeettt..." This is the word I kept saying throughout the whole movie. Every scene was so absorbing. I couldn't wait to see how the story was going to progress, how the almost-confusing time travel plot pulled itself together etc. I liked the acting, the two relatively newbies [to me at least] that they chose to fill the female pilot (Moon Bloodgood), in particular, as well as Sam Worthington as Kyle Reese, playing a tad more than two-dimensions in his role opposite of Christian Bale's John Connor. He actually inflected a delicate balance between inner-turmoil, bravado, and the cold, robotic non-feeling appropriate in a half human/half-cyborg. My wife would later tell me, "Yeah, he was hot!" So, there it is. Good Job Sam!...

For my eye-candy, there was of course Moon Bloodgood, somewhat of a newcomer to film. But she did OK. Speaking from working with Air Force pilots on base, I would love to see the flight suit that they chose for her, in-acted into current regulations for female pilots..but then again, most of our female pilots don't look like Moon Bloodgood...and so...yeah, nevermind..

The vehicles were awesome [I still love the 'Hunter Killers'], the cinematography was dark, detailed and full of style and moodiness. There were a few "Aww, that was awesome" parts too, not to mention a nice little crowd-pleasing homage to T1 in the last scenes... all in all a very satisfying edition to the Terminator series. And definitely one that brings back a little of the lost cred to the franchise. Let's hope they let this McG character direct the next one as well!

Go see it!

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