Saturday, July 25, 2009

Montana Trip - The Return - Pictures!

We have been back for a few weeks now, but it's taken this long for me to get back into the swing of things, get used to going to work, driving in traffic etc. It doesn't take long to be away from all that to not miss it, I can tell you!

3 words: Montana is BEAUTIFUL. Pictures really cannot do it justice, you have to go there.

Never have I seen 180 degree's of an entire horizon all at once, and everything just picturesque, like a post card. We took TONS of pictures, just trying to get a few sweet ones. And we did.

So without further adieu, here are just some of the beautiful scenes we observed...

(click on pictures for Larger View!)

See what I mean??!!

A lot of those were from going through Yellowstone, where we saw the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs and more... The rest were from the area surrounding the cabin near the city of Bozeman.

After seeing the beauty, and the the near-untouched nature that is still hiding out there, It has motivated my wife and I to work our butts off to someday be able to have a summer home of our own in Montana. It seems like one of the last of a dying commodity these days, a rare, untouched jem.
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did taking them!

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