Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Star Trek' kidding!

I have to say that i was looking forward to this flick, as everyone I overheard talking about it was raving about how much they liked it. I finally got a break from mommy and daddy land and took my wife on a much needed date to the local theater. Since she actually wanted to see this as well [instead of T4, dangit].

We both had a great time, as there were many things about this movie to like. Not only were the special effects, space battles and ship consoles as good or better than 'Star Wars' caliber, but the talent that they found to represent the early characters of that infamous crew were very well chosen.

I found very little to nit-pic, and I assure you, that is a rare thing indeed for something I really want to like.

I was astonished at how well the actor that played a young 'Bones' -chief medical officer McCoy, nailed the old actors quirks, sayings and temperament... my wife and I laughed out loud, as we realized that Mr. Shaun of the Dead himself (Simon Peg), had hilariously been introduced to the crew as a young, eccentric 'Scotty'.

-Spock did a great job, Uhura,Chekov, Mr. Sulu all, I am pleased to say, were competent actors and really did a great job at their characterizations of the older cast.

The story was great, the pace was fast and action packed..and there were even some nice twists and 'gee, that was interesting' parts to keep any die-hard, and newcomer fans alike, pleased.

I won't give anything else away, go and see it asap!

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Rachel said...

Even my little (then 3 yr old) loved it. :)