Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Portland Traffic Sucks!

-WARNING-ranting follows-

I understand people wanting to LIVE when its sunny out, but does that really mean sitting in traffic, during rush hour, in their cars?? Is that living? They need to get on the bikes or walk around the block or go jogging [apparently, you just run...?sic] and stay the hell off the roads.
Today, HWY 26 looked like a gigantic coughing metal snake, inching along for miles...its ridiculous. This town is so screwed with traffic because all the hippie-cum-politicians think they can somehow stave off the tide of millions of expansive PEOPLE moving here by purposely failing to created wide highways, with the sunny dream that people that HAVE to use public transportation WILL. They just didn't think ahead.
We have thousands of people a day driving down 2 lane highways, for miles on end... and there is literally no beltway around the city, to alleviate this.

There should be a law passed that restricts auto traffic to, to-and-from work only, for certain key hours of the day. But NOOooo that would take a bit of our free will away wouldn't it!?

6-8am and 5-7pm: Work traffic only!
All sunday drivers may resume before and after!!

yeah right...

I know it doesn't make sense. How would they enforce THAT!? Also, What if I wanted to stop at the store ON the way home from work?? heh

On second thought, I kinda like Free-will.... dangit

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