Monday, April 6, 2009

Kal Penn is ALIVE people! -It's just a publicity stunt!

That's right TV sitcom-ers...Kal Penn is an Actor, and surmising if he is actually dead in real life (no pun intended) KILLS me. Do you really think they would have an actor lying down on the floor, in a pool of blood, pretending to be the real-life actor who's just killed himself in real-life, hours after he had done it!?? That is some FAST shooting schedule they got there! And all before friends and family notified, proper grieving period, legal rights signed over, oh yeah, and the REAL news coverage of hypo-hollywood 'journalists' media frenzy?

I just had to say that, to all the confused people out there that are so ridiculously confounded by a simple plot twist that has been a part of Serial T.V. drama since Luke and Laura...WOW.
Need a good laugh? check out the BLOGS FOR HOUSE MD blog and see a fine sample of America's intellect and self-absorbed drama for yourself!

All these comments, and not one even remotely seems to care about the fact that the website posting a faux 'obituary' and talking about his death as if it were real, is EXTREMELY tacky, let alone childish and offensive to real sufferers of depression, and families of those that have committed suicide.

I guess it takes a non-fan to see through this self-absorbed drama discussion blog (over a TV show no less) whose posters seem alarmingly disconnected to reality! Wow people...and I STILL can't get over Darth Vader, being Luke's FATHER!!!!


Jeff said...

I don't think it particularly silly to wonder as to the health of Kal Penn, the actor. As we watched House last night, I explained different reasons to my son as to why a character would be written out of a TV show. One of those reasons beyond contractual disagreements would be that the actor actually passed away. Given that these shows are taped long before they are aired, I had him look up Penn on IMDB to see if he was still alive. He found no indications that Penn had passed away. But it's still a reasonable way to deal with such a situation.

mobias said...

Thanks 4 posting Jeff-and I respect your opinion, but come on...Assuming you were an actor, If you had died in real life, do you think it would be very professional, sensitive, realistic for the show to add insult to injury by creating your death into a ratings suicide?? I don't think your family would be very sympathetic to your shows writers. I think there would definitely be lawsuits. Remember, they filmed the actor, lying in a pool of blood...i cannot imagine any show writing anything about their real-life actor’s real-world suicide! They should be appropriately and respectfully Silent. Just my opinion.