Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Portland Computer blog created!

Just wanted to let everyone know the grand opening of my first attempt at a functional [read-Helpful] blog is now operational.

It's called "Portland Computer" and will be my sister site to this here blog, "mobias" [which I mostly use for blabbing about all things at random]. That space is in the early stages of its design, so bear with the construction. :)

It will be focused specifically on a helping, assisting, advising, recommending, consulting, troubleshooting all things PC related. That's right folks, anything you wish to ask me, I will do my very best to respond in a timely manner, with an honest effort to help you with whatever your situation.

Yep, I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, master of more than just none. So ask away! I'm excited to begin a new chapter, and will be setting up a good forum in the future as well, so stay tuned.
(To celebrate my first post, my graphic gives props to a hilarious and inspiring salute to British Sit-com "The IT Crowd" -which I highly recommend checking out)

Eventually, I will get to offering a Custom Gaming Computer 'build' service as well.

So stop on by, visit the forum, send me a request or question, and let's get started! It's very new so be the first on your block to get a forum going!

If anyone has any helpful advice or tips, as this is new to me, i'm all ears!!

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