Saturday, March 14, 2009

EVE Online: Apocrypha -Good things come to those whom wait!

Almost 6 years, an eternity in videogame years, is how long the servers have been running on this (seemingly the only space) MMORPG. It's received a few notable upgrades and expansions, but with the new "Apocrypha"[additional content/upgrade], new players may be just curious to finally take the byte.

I've often debated shutting down my WOW subscription (that's World of Warcraft for anyone living 6 feet under or more), and switching over to this wondrously epic space rpg. I haven't pulled the trigger for a few reasons, one being a common concern, "how will I fare against the ruthless space-nerds sitting high upon 6 year empires?"

Well, it seems to devs were thinking of me, the budding space noob, as well as their wallets, when they decided to throw a bone to a potential new wave of enrollments, by making it a bit easier for us.

I've longed for a endless, sandbox RPG in space, where you could customize your ship, and get out in a FPS view mode into the space stations, ever since the long abandoned (and missed) demo of Westwood Studios' 'Earth and Beyond' graced my first computer, back in the early 2000's.

Eve doesn't appear to have the FPS element, but it might just tie me over with the limitless depth and awe-inspiring visuals it appears to have.

Go to the Home Page HERE to see for yourself!

Maybe its time to login and check it out.

link to in-depth Wired article HERE

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Skron said...

I've always wanted to play EVE but, like you, I was too scared because the game is well known as the most notorious MMO to noobs. But, after reading an article over at Wired, I got excited with the game now that it has become more newbie friendly.

I've already downloaded the demo over at Steam and will be trying it out for a couple games. I've yet to decide between this, Warhammer Online or just wait for Champions Online.