Monday, January 21, 2013

More shooting-related news involving police suppressed by local Right-Wing FOX ‘news’ media.

Another shooting incident occurred a couple houses down in my 'nice' neighborhood just tonight! Watch how conservative-Murdoch owned, NRA influenced FOX12 news makes this story all but disappear within minutes..!!

I live a few houses over from a home that just contained a quick and violent exchange of gunfire this evening, and my wife and I are understandably pretty alarmed by all this- within what we thought was a pretty safe/sane neighborhood! Police apparently first arrived at 834pm. My wife reported hearing [what she said sounded like] automatic gunfire around 9:50pm...this must have been a very tense situation going on right in our backyard...very thankful and relieved this gunfire didn't enter into my home!

An apparent domestic dispute, leading to a armed standoff between police and the suspect whom was previously my neighbor, sent them both to the hospital. As far as I gather the officer wasn’t seriously harmed in the exchange of fire, thank god.

But despite the adrenaline of my family being placed in potential danger from gunfire getting me worked up…what really got me fired up here was when I attempted to get an update as to what was going on. Since I was at work downtown during my grave shift, I noticed with disgust how FOX12 news had a 20 second blurb about this on TV, then dropped the story after showing their regular fluff news...while KOIN6 had a reporter on scene, far out of the metro area, and was following the incident with further televised reports. [Kudos to them for actually reporting!] However:

FUNNY, how a Right-Wing puppeted/NRA money infused 'media' reports regarding gun crimes and shootings (Like this one), on FOX were QUICKLY dropped like the black plague on their 'network'! Never before have I witnessed directly such a clear example of how obvious and controlled the programming [or lack thereof] on this network was! Political agenda much? Noooo waayyy…not FOX!

Regardless of which side of the battle for gun rights you find yourself in, in the wake of recent shooting tragedies…our response to these events, and how our media reports them, should also be held under great scrutiny and with equal passion! The fact is, 90% of the talking heads most people listen to on TV are NOT news reporters, but left or right leaning entertainment opinion pieces that mask themselves, and thus look very much like NEWS broadcasting! This in turn, creates very strong feelings and opinions in viewers that don’t understand what they are really watching…regardless of any factual information presented.

We the people need to take back dishonest media, made to look like news, act like factual reports, but really are thinly disguised propaganda and partisan-influenced dogma loaded with agendas from the boys upstairs! It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a widely known FACT, and it needs to stop! Yes we have freedom of speech, yes of the press as well…but when the line between the two is purposely muddled by devious intent, that is unethical at best, criminal misconduct at worst!

[Some] American media is getting more blatantly corrupted and disgusting every year....

Are we happy with this? What do you watch at night? Is it non-partisan? Truly non-biased? Is it really…as FOX news hilariously proclaims…”Fair…and BALANCED!”?

I’m betting its not.

A link to the very brief news story in Oregonlive regarding the event in my neighborhood:

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