Friday, September 2, 2011

New outlets for writing! Join Hubpages, Helium, Xomba and express yourself!

Hi everyone, well I thought I'd take a look at what else was out there for writing, and found LOADS more interesting sites, that one can utilize for all their writing prowess.

 Xomba is for submitting non-fiction articles on pretty much any subject. You have 6 choices to post your material:
They're fun, with Helium, they even have contests to write short fiction and are peer rated to determine whom wins! I like that kind of challenge. Not only does it force you to write, but it actually teaches you to write better. For those that can't seem to rise in ratings, they even have peer helpers of veteran writers that can give you helpful hints and constructive feedback.

My favorite though, has to be Hubpages, an extremely friendly and diverse community whose members really care about helping each other out and learning the ropes. There are little achievements you can get for meeting milestones, which have to do with how much participation you put into the site and your writing there. Did I mention they also offer their own referral program? That's right, you can make money with Hubpages as well, just submit your best, unique, unpublished and quality content and away you go!

They are all quite the time taker-upper as well, so I warn you. Sign up if you want to get more out of your writing, but prepare to dedicate an hour a night, or at least a few hours per week... the more you put into it, the more you get out. Just like life...

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