Sunday, March 27, 2011

EarthSim - 3D Universe Browser. Cool stuff!

 Just wanted to let everyone know of a little project that's been in the works for a while, and is constantly evolving as our computers video tech is. Called EarthSim, it's a 'browser' of sorts, but you can also interact with it a' la google earth, but much better!

I have to go and check this out now...looks pretty incredible!

From their webpage HERE:

Earthsim - an Online Universe of Discovery

Earthsim is an Online Universe, it keeps growing as we add more content. Earthsim uses the latest graphical features of your PC so you can explore each planet and moon for yourself.
Our latest Universe browser allows access to real-time space views of the Earth, the Solar System and even the nearest stars. We believe its the best looking space exploration program and planet screensaver around, and its free.

Earthsim 2 is now optimized for best performance on the AMD Fusion APU and also supports AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology with AMD Radeon™ discrete graphics for stunning super high resolution displays of the Universe and planets.

The video below shows you where we are heading with Earthsim over the coming years. You can also check out the Earthsim 2 Blog, for the latest tec info and news.

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