Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interpol Tonight! Portland, Oregon!

I'm excited, I have tickets to the Interpol show tonight at the Roseland Theater. My oh so pregnant wife will be attending the festivities with me, I was looking for some giant ear-muffs for her belly or something, but alas, couldn't find any. You know, perhaps something like this...
Except, you know,...around the belly...area. Yeah.
Of course the baby isn't out yet, and that is obviously a feeble attempt at protecting him from the vibrations of a big rock show. But you can bet when he's old enough, i'll take him to his first major guitar thrashing-he'll have something like this. This should keep him mellow:

But seriously folks. I'm excited, even the band is excited to be here. This is their second or third show, after Vancouver and Seattle I think, to be back in the states.
This has been one interesting record, the newest [self-titled] release of 2010. Some of it I immediately liked, some took me a while to warm into, but ultimately, i've decided I love it, it is a work of art. Perhaps not the most epic, certainly far from bad. It is, as I said in my review earlier last year, like a series of paintings. The artist presents it, we view it and decide what we think and how it makes us feel. Interpol is probably so catching for me, because their music is deceptively complex, and it actually doesn't ware on you the more you listen too it. [Ok, as long as it's not TOO much!].There are little moments of brilliant emotion that get stirred up in their sonic crescendo's, and likewise within the quiet lingering moments.

I'm totally a fan. Can't wait for the show.
If you haven't listened yet- you should!

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