Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission Completed - First House!

So besides all the facebook mentions, and much thankful congratz from our friends and family, I thought i'd make a quick post for our first home, which we FINALLY closed on November 9th.

I'll use my wife Heather's quote, as I think she said it best: "Once upon a time back in...gosh, March? My husband and I decided we wanted to make one of our biggest dreams a reality, and after many months of planning, hard work, downfalls, tears, anxiety, and one final large hump, we can safely say as of last week that we are now HOMEOWNERS! The house began as a lot and is now a home!"

Indeed, we have been through a lot with this one, with many lessons learned on the mortgage loan-obtaining part. Looking back, we had a number of things stacked up against us, and somehow, through sheer determination and brute force, we managed to plow through the obstacles and accomplish this one, ever so important goal for our family. It's still all a bit unreal, and all the homeowner responsibilities are lurking just under the surface, waiting to take a great majority of my time...but I tell you this: I won't mind it a bit. I'm so proud of this house, and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and many many more years of holidays and memories to come. 

Here's how it turned out!                       Construction -  Aug. 4
 Breakfast Area
 Shiney new Kitchen! All maytag appliances.
                     Center Island sink/dishwasher, w/ Aidan showing off the spacious living room.
 Master Bath Tub, (Shower is on right)

Completed - [Sept] Nov 2010

For anyone interested [in this area], The builder was Stone Bridge Homes NW, via Don Morissette Realty.

We ended up with a respectable 4.5% Fixed 30 Yr Rate with a VA Home Loan. Of Course, we couldn't have accomplished most of the icky parts of this without our exhausted and relieved mortgage broker, Mark Wilson @ Innova Mortgage!  If you haven't used your VA loan yet, the market is still perfect for you to get a home now! It's not easy, but if you can make it through, it's the best time to buy in a long time, and the future can only go up right? 

                                Now I gotta get a Lawn Mower! (among a hundred other things!!)

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