Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV: 31-17 !

Yaaaaayy NEW ORLEANS! I hope they party it up big time, they needed the uplift!

Apparently, the (ahem) 'programmers' over at EA Sports NFL game franchise, had again simulated the Super Bowl this year. If you are interested in the latest iteration, you can of course find it here.

The winner? The Saints over the Colts by four, 35-31. [update:Close to their actual final score!!]

Madden NFL 10

That sounds good to me! I think New Orleans could use a good pick-me-up after recent years events.

How accurate is that? The video game simulation has been correct five out of the last six years. But as good as the Madden games have gotten at presenting realistic reproductions of what goes on on the field, there are intangibles that even sophisticated simulations like Madden can't factor-in. Nerves of rookie players and last-minute injuries are just a couple of them. The 2007-08 Patriots, the team that represents the one dark mark on the Madden simulation's record, saw that in Super Bowl XLII, when their sure-thing season evaporated under the glare of the cameras and Giants QB Eli Manning.

So, never fear, Colts. You'll have your chance to prove Madden wrong come post-halftime. Let's see what you got Manning!

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