Friday, November 13, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released <-a 10 second review->

So it seems, according to an internal Activision estimate, Modern Warfare 2 raked in an astonishing $310 million within the first 24 hours in North America and the UK alone, effectively making it the most successful launch in history! Wow.

Pros: -Graphics are awesome
-New perks/rewards
-New weapons
-Single Player seems really good
-Special Ops missions

Cons: NO LEANING?!?!?! Man I really miss leaning....what a disappointment.
Also, the matchmaking is Xcrap-tastic. I prefer to pick a server I get a good ping on myself. Most games I have been placed into so far by IWNET I've had to leave cuz of ping problems. Being at the mercy of the Peer-to-Peer server programming takes away a lot of the control over low ping games. If they stick with IWNET matchmaking, they need to make sure you don't get put in a server you lag out on.
Other Thoughts: I really hope they can add lean back in a patch. If I could just lean it would make multiplayer more tolerable. I dont know how many times getting a shot off boils down to an extra few inches to the left or right for LoS on the enemy. Who moves their body in a perfectly vertical position at all times anyway? Who does this in combat? 

Playing the heck out of the previous Modern Warfare, I can tell you that the combat and visual intensity will leave you breathless. The only game i've ever played where a mission closes, and I literally have to push my keyboard away, heave a sigh of relief, take a swig of replenishing Ale, and do a Hail Mary before clicking the dreaded "Continue".   Enjoy.

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Skron said...

I heard this game is really really good. I'm not much into shooters, and I haven't played CoD franchise since the CoD. But I'm getting this one if I find enough money from the couch.