Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silent Hunter III Supermod - GWX 3.0 Gets a Final Update

I've posted before about my love of Silent Hunter III , but I probably wouldn't be endlessly working on my campaign in Europe if it weren't for the epic, and infinitely detailed/realistic super Mod created by an incredible amount of dedicated modders collectively known as the 'Grey Wolves'.

A few weeks ago, I discovered that they had released yet another major update to this mod, known as "The Grey Wolves Supermod, or GWX 3.0 -moving from v2.1 to 3.0. Well, I went back to the old subsim forums, looking to see what all the hubbub was about, and got sucked right back in.

The big thing that sold me right off the bat, was the including of a newer mod making the water look prettier, more realistic, and smoother, a little closer to the sequel SH4. But the updates are comprehensive, so I suggest if you have ANY interest in submarines, WWII, and simulators...check it out. This is THE game for you. Reading through the downloadable manual, prepare to be awed by the level of work and inclusiveness this mod brings to the game. By most accounts, it is the definitive choice even over its own sequel, for sub sims...

The mod has changed a once pretty 'basic' exercise in pc simulators, into a colossal educational and entertaining historical tool, an immersive account of submarine warfare, as seen through the German perspective. And if that somehow bothers you, I highly suggest parting with any emotional baggage regarding that, as you will find that this game transcends such trivialities. In fact, it is a homage to all whom served in those gritty, dark nights under the Atlantic seas...

I highly suggest you check it out Here at the forums, for some background.

And you can find their website here:

Good luck!

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